Monday, May 28, 2012

wow, there really is a baby in there.

I am finally starting to realize that maybe there really is a baby in my belly. I *think* I am starting to feel movement. I am 18 weeks (tomorrow). I'm feeling random little "pokes" and things in there, but nothing like a "flutter" which is how most people  describe it. I can really feel that my belly is getting heavier. I am definitely seeing changes in my mood. I need to be better about how I speak/act towards Josh. I feel really bad about the things that are popping out of my mouth lately. I just have such a short fuse. I also have heartburn like something crazy. This kid will have a lot of hair, for sure.

Our next appointment is June 13. On that day, we will be finding out the gender! I wanted to do a gender reveal party with family, but Josh wanted us to find out together, so we have decided against it and just tell everyone all at the same time.

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