Thursday, March 27, 2014

dentist, granparen'ts visit and walking.

I had a dentist appointment this morning for a cleaning/check up. No cavities, yay! I was worried, because I've been seriously munching on some jelly beans lately. I'm so bad at Easter. I have a weakness for Starburst Jelly Beans!

Ava spent the night with her memaw and papaw last night since I had to be there early this morning. I knew she would not sit still and would probably scream and cry if I took her with me, so it was just easier this way. I'm now home working on cleaning up a little before I pick her up. I finished all the laundry, put it away and vacuumed the whole house and furniture. I also cleaned out the laundry room. I'm going to fix lunch in a few minutes, list some stuff for sale on eBay, and then get ready to go pick Ava up.

Oh, I also went to sign up for a library card today! I had never visited our local library, and wanted to get a card and check out their summer activities for kids. I was hoping they were going to offer a little more than what they do, but I'll still take her. They do offer some small crafts, but I don't think Ava will be able to do those yet. They have story time, so we may try a few of those and see how it goes. They also offer a very large selection of e-books that I can check out online, so that's exciting too!

Ava has been doing a lot of "waping" (walking) on her walker lately. We were successful with letting go of one of her hands for about a week, and then she decided she didn't like that anymore. I'm going to start being a little pushy, and really trying to let go again. I am so ready for my baby girl to walk. I'm getting frustrated and a little worried to be honest. I'm thinking if she isn't walking completely on her own by 18 months (which is just a month and 4 days away), that I'm going to talk to the Dr about trying Occupational Therapy. I think she would really benefit from that.

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