Thursday, December 13, 2012

birth to present.

Wow. A lot has changed in just 6 short weeks. Ava is growing SO fast! She was 7lbs 7oz when she was born, and at her last appointment she was already 8.5lbs. The first 2.5 weeks were good, but hard, because I was so sore and I had some issues with breastfeeding. I finally broke down and got a pump, and that has worked out wonderfully for all of us. I'm not waking up so often during the night and feedings don't take as long either. Plus, Josh and other family members can feed her too. As long as she gets breast milk one way or another, I am ok with it.

Over the past week Ava has started smiling at us when we talk to her and play with her! I swear she has the most beautiful toothless grin I have ever seen. I love seeing her smiling and being happy. It warms my heart. She has also started just "oooing and ahhhing" at us when we talk to her. She has great head/neck control with the occasional bobble head movements. We have had tummy time almost every day this week. We are working on getting those muscles good and strong!

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