Sunday, January 20, 2013

winter is here.

Well, we had our first snow of the year this past Thursday! It started snowing around 12pm and didn't stop until later that night. We had so much rain the week leading up to it, and the temperature dropped so quickly that the roads turned to ice pretty fast. Josh was supposed to work, but he wasn't feeling well and with the snow I just asked him to stay home so Ava and I wouldn't be alone. 

We woke up Friday morning and were pretty much snowed in. Josh still wasn't feeling great, so he went out and got some medicine. Other than that, we stayed in all weekend (including today). There is still a little snow left, but it is mostly gone now. I wanted to get some pictures of Ava out in it since it was the first time it has snowed since she was born, but I didn't want to put her outside in it. 

We have finally transitioned Ava into sleeping in her crib at night! It took a few nights of her getting used to it, but since she was already sleeping through the night it wasn't as hard as it could have been. Now we just need to work on getting her to fall asleep at night on her own. That is my next challenge. I am not ready for it yet though, it is just so easy to rock her and sing to her to get her to sleep right now. She is still sleeping in the swaddleme blanket at night too. I think I will leave her in that for a couple more weeks. She isn't trying to roll over yet, so it should be ok. I know when she can roll over I'll have to take her out of it. 

Ava is also getting a lot better at just being content while laying in her pack n play, looking in a mirror and just listening to whats going on around her. She isn't crying as much when I'm not right next to her all the time. She loves being in her vibrating rocker chair and in her swing, too. I think in the next week or 2 she will really be grasping her toys. She has started to hold on to them when I put them in front of her, but she hasn't started trying to hold them yet. She also laughed out loud for the first time at me yesterday! That was the sweetest sound I've ever heard (so far)!!  :)

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