Wednesday, March 20, 2013

sleep training.

Ava is almost 5 months old. Seriously. She is developing quite the personality. She hates nap time, loves to eat, loves to grab the dogs, hates to be held in a laying down position, and LOVES music. 

I wanted to try out the baby bullet today, so I steamed a sweet potato, pureed it and she absolutely loved it! I had tried the rice cereal and the oatmeal and she wasn't a fan of either. I guess I am just moving straight on to vegetables!

I am currently sitting here in the living room listening to her scream and cry from her crib. She has always slept in the swaddle me blanket, since she was 6 weeks old, anyway. I took her out of it tonight and am trying to get her to soothe herself to sleep. I'm thinking I won't be able to do this again, assuming she ever falls asleep. There has got to be a better way. After I laid her down she immediately started crying. I went in after 5 minutes, soothed her, then left again. She cried again, so I went in after 10 minutes... etc. I'm now up to 25 minutes and I just feel like it isn't working. I KNOW it will take more than one night to get this done. I may be up all night at this rate. She is normally always asleep by 9pm, so I hate that her normal sleep schedule is being interrupted just because I want to try something new. I am only doing it for her sake, though. She won't even fall asleep on her own at nap time. On a very rare occasion she will go to sleep in her swing for a nap, but she usually screams and cries for me to get her out. Ah, the things we do for our children... I'll end this post with 2 pictures from St. Patrick's Day!  :)


  1. Hi Brooke! This is "katigox" from TB (though my attendance on that site has been spotty these last two months). Our babies were born just days apart - if I remember correctly - and it's so fun to see little Ava grow :)

    As for the sleep training, I love checking out this site: <-- bc it has great links to both scientific and medical studies that can really us understand (and thus work with) what's going on inside our LO's heads :) I mean, sure, there is no universal-sleep-method-for-all (if there was, we'd all be using it!), but it might at least point you in a direction that suits your parenting style and family needs ~

    Good luck!

    1. Hello there! I have rarely been on TB lately too... being a mommy is keeping me so busy I rarely have time to log on anymore! I will be sure to check out that site. Things have finally gotten better and she is doing it on her own now with no crying (for the most part)!

  2. ST is so hard! Glad to hear that Ava is doing better with it. And yay for the Baby Bullet! Isn't that thing great? You have an adorable little lucky charm there!