Monday, September 30, 2013

comforts for baby.

I am absolutely loving being a Bzzagent! I got accepted for the Comforts for Baby campaign, and I got free diapers, wipes, body wash, and lotion. I also got discount coupons for all of these items for friends or to use for myself. I had free coupons for baby bibs or burp cloths too, but my local Kroger didn't have them in stock. I want to go back before my coupon expires. I would love to have some bibs! 

I tried the diapers first. They are a size 3. I was very happy with how soft they are. I had some issues with the tag being so sticky that it removed some of the material off of the diaper when I undid it to fasten it onto Ava. This has happened with quite a few of the diapers. We typically use Luvs or Huggies. I find that these diapers are very much comparable to both brands. I have enjoyed using them. They are very cute  :)  I haven't had any leaking issues or "poopisodes" as I like to call them... The material that soaks up the urine does tend to get a little lumpy when it is really saturated, which might be uncomfortable to baby when sitting up. Other than that, I have been very happy with these diapers, and I do plan to buy them only when they are on sale. They probably won't be my first choice of a brand to buy, but I would definitely use them again. I will certainly use my coupons when they are on sale to save some money!

I have used the body wash for Ava as well. It smells wonderful! I love how convenient the pump on the bottle is. It is a lot easier than having to take the bottle and turn it upside down. It has left Ava's skin soft and smooth, not flaky at all. I really like it and I will definitely purchase it again. The price is great.

I haven't used many of the wipes yet, but so far I really like them. They are comparable to Huggies, which I love. They seem to be thicker. I like thicker wipes, because they tend to get more of the mess off and you don't have to use as many wipes like with some other brands. I will also continue to use these and will purchase them when they are on sale.

I picked the night time lotion to use on Ava because we do bathtime at night. It smells great, and the lavender scents really seem to soothe her off to sleep. It leaves her skin so soft and not greasy at all!

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