Monday, September 30, 2013

sargento cheese.

I don't mean for this blog to turn into a constant update of only product reviews. I just need to do these for the products I am receiving for free so I can get credit for them. I promise to post more on our parenthood journey soon. I've been having laptop issues, and it's hard to post sometimes... blah blah blah...


Anyway, I tried Sargento Cheese today. I got a free voucher from Influenster. I've had the sliced Sargento Cheese before. It's what we typically get for our grilled cheese sandwiches. It is much more "melty" than other cheeses, and I think it tastes better. Naturally, I was ecstatic when I was accepted to try this VoxBox - yay! I had actually never tried their cheese sticks before. As expected, they were yummy! I mean, who doesn't love cheese? I got the Colby Jack kind, and of course I have already eaten 2 sticks today. I need to pace myself, because I really will have this whole pack eaten before the week is over if I don't watch it. There isn't much else to say about these yummy sticks of dairy deliciousness, except that I will gladly be using my extra $1 off coupon, and will continue to purchase these cheese sticks in the future. Now that Ava can start slowly on dairy, I am sure she will take after me and love them too. I can't wait to share my cheese with her, haha! 

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