Wednesday, February 5, 2014

i have a 15 month old, oh and i'm 30 now.

SO... I'm 30 now. Yup, it happened. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Josh took off work, we dropped Ava off at his mom's house, and we went to Knoxville. I decided I wanted to eat at Tupelo Honey Cafe. Wow! It was pretty amazing. I can't believe we hadn't been there before. We had the Appalachian Egg rolls as an appetizer. They were fabulous! I ordered the Zippity Do Da Sweet and Spicy Pork with made from scratch mac n cheese and asparagus garnish. It was a wonderful meal. We stopped at Wendy's before we got home so I could get my birthday frosy... gotta love a good chocolate frosy from Wendy's :) Ava turned 15 months old on 2.2.14. I took her in for her well baby visit, and she is now in the 4th percentile for her weight, thank goodness! She's worried me with her diet lately. She hates meat and doesn't like eggs. Her main source of protein is basically peanut butter. One concern the Dr. had was that she has not grown any height wise in 3 months. Josh and I are both short. He is 5'4 and I am 4'11. The poor girl doesn't have much hope for being any taller than either of us, but the Dr. recommended that she see an Endocrinologist just to be safe. She will have to have some tests and bloodwork done. I am not looking forward to that at all. She has serious anxiety when we are at the Dr.'s office. She screamed and cried the whole time. She has done this the past 4 times we have been to the Dr.'s office. It seems to get worse each time. She cries so hard that she makes herself almost sick. She gets hives and everything. It's bad. I hope this passes soon. It's to the point to where its almost embarrassing! Well, speaking of Ava, she just awoke from her nap. Time for lunch!

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