Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Ok, so yesterday I completely cleaned out my bathroom in preparation for my new space saver. It will be delivered on Friday, yay!! I am so excited. I got rid of 3 Walmart bags full of hair products and tools. I'm ashamed to say that some stuff I had been holding on to since high school. When my hair was a certain cut or whatever I would buy a product that would work well with it. I can't believe I had some of the stuff I had... I had a bottle of the John Frida Beach Blonde texturizing spray. They don't even make that anymore! I've seen bottles of that stuff sell on eBay for like $70. Granted, it was awesome stuff. I don't know why they discontinued it. I loved it, but I only had about one use left and I feel like it probably wouldn't even work the same if I used it now.

Oh well, its all cleaned out and organized now! I have so much room under the sink and I will have even more now once we get the space saver together. I have a plan to get my makeup organized as well. I want to get it out of my makeup case that I always carry around. I want to get a makeup organizing tray and a brush holder so my brushes don't get all smushed.

When Ava goes down for her nap today I plan on going through my closet and getting rid of everything, and I mean everything I don't wear anymore. I'm afraid of what will actually be left in my closet once I take it all out. I'm worried because I have a lot of work clothes that I currently don't wear, but what happens when I go back to work? I hate to get rid of them, but by the time I go back to work they will probably be out of style anyway. I may hold off on getting rid of them. What would you do?

The rest of this week is pretty full, so I need to get everything done today for sure!

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