Monday, March 24, 2014

spring has sprung.

First off: New YouTube video is up! Please right click and open in a new tab :)

Yay for warm weather! Spring has finally arrived in East Tennessee... and so have my allergies, haha. I think I told you guys that in my last post, but they are still giving me a fit. I just popped a Claratin, hopefully that will help.

We had an exciting day yesterday... we bought a new lawn mower, patio furniture and a bathroom "space saver" (a shelf that goes over the toilet) for our master bathroom! Our mower is being delivered today... that's really Josh's new toy since I don't do any of the yard work (except weeding the garden and planting new plants). I am most excited about our new patio furniture. We got this set at Walmart. We ordered it online and it will be here on April 3, the day before our anniversary. We built our home in 2008 and this will be the first patio set we have ever had! You have no idea how happy I am that we can finally enjoy our dinner outside on nights that we grill out! I plan on buying Ava a water table to put out there as well, so we can spend many days outside this spring/summer instead of always being cooped up inside.

I got this Espresso Space Saver from Walmart as well. I've been on a major spring cleaning spree lately. I'm getting rid of a lot of clutter, packing away Ava's clothes that she can't wear anymore (to save for a possible future baby girl), and going through our bathroom and closets and just getting rid of all of the crap we never use. I am so happy to be doing this. I think it will be great once it's all organized and cleaned out. Not that our house looks like it came right out of an episode of Hoarders or anything, but I do like to hold on to some things because of sentimental reasons. I can't wait for our upcoming trip to Charlotte so we can visit Ikea and I can get some other great organizing things for our home!

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