Friday, May 2, 2014


I'm ashamed I haven't updated any recently. It has been a little crazy here in our household. Josh is working a lot of overtime lately, and I've been getting a lot of stuff done around the house during Ava's naptime over the past couple of weeks. When I get a moment, I'll add pictures of some things I have done. 

I just wanted to update everyone on what else has been going on with me. I went to the Dr. this week for my annual exam. I haven't had my period since I stopped bleeding with my most recent loss this past March. She wanted to do a pregnancy test just to be safe... turns out I'm pregnant! It hadn't even crossed my mind that I could be pregnant again. I was blindsided with the news, and immediately nervous as soon as the shock wore off. I was going to have the repeated miscarriage testing done to check for a clotting disorder that day, but she said we couldn't do it since I was pregnant. We aren't quite sure how far along I am yet. I had my betas checked on Tuesday (when we found out), and I came back Thursday to check my numbers. I started taking my Progesterone on Tuesday evening because it was low (4.2) and my HCG was at 2050. Thursday when they called me I got the unfortunate news that my HCG had only risen to 2432. It went up only 21% and didn't double like it was supposed to. My progesterone did rise to 16.2, so that was some good news, but I'm heartbroken that things might not work out with this pregnancy. I've not had any spotting, so there is still some hope left, and I am trying to stay as positive as possible. We have an ultrasound scheduled for May 7th. We will know more then. Josh can't go with me since he will be working, and my MIL will be watching Ava so she doesn't freak out while I'm having it done (she's terrible at the Drs office even when it isn't for her).

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