Monday, March 9, 2015

lovely weekend.

I've been dealing with Josh having to work overtime for MONTHS and MONTHS. He typically works Sunday-Thursday night, and on overtime, he works Friday night too. That sucks, because it makes him tired on Saturday, and on Sunday he has to sleep... so we literally don't get hardly any family time in, and if we do then he is usually very tired. We were determined to get out this weekend even though he had to work. Ava and I picked up a pizza on Friday night and stayed in and watched loads Peppa Pig and just hung out and had a fun girl's night.

Saturday we decided to go to the new Alumni Hall in Papermill Plaza store in Knoxville. OMG, it was amazing! So much better, bigger and easier to navigate than the one in West Town Mall. It would have even been more fun if the Whole Foods market next to it were open... maybe next time it will be. Josh got a few stickers and a new tag for his new truck. It finally has some personality now and looks great. After that, we went to the mall just to kill some time. All I needed was to make a stop in at VS for some new bras. Sadly, I hadn't been fitted since Ava weaned herself at 14 months... I was wearing the same crappy bra that I knew was way past it's expiration date, lol. I'm so bad about that. Anyway, I found out that I am now a size bigger, even though I feel like I'm 2 sizes smaller. How does that even happen? I got 2 bras that fit SO GOOD now. Bonus is that I did manage to find one that was not black or beige - so, score! I am queen of boring bras. A little color makes me feel fun.

When we left the mall, we went to eat at Wasabis. We love hibachi, but didn't have the best experience there. We are in love with a little local place in Pigeon Forge called Little Tokyo. They have the best hibachi and sushi. Wasabis just doesn't even compare, and it's way overpriced. Ava hadn't napped and she was getting cranky, so we headed home after we ate. We decided, on the way home, to let Ava stay with her Maw & Paw since they wanted to see her. We headed on over to their house and she was really upset. She was just overly tired and teething and not in the best mood. She hadn't eaten hardly anything at all. I hate when she does that. She goes on these food strikes where she won't eat anything. I really just think her molars were bothering her, and of course I didn't have any diluted Thieves with me to put on her gums where they were coming in. I'll know better next time we leave the house!

She stayed the night and ended up having a good night. I met up with my cousin today before I went to pick Ava up. He just got back from a work trip to Germany and managed to sneak back some Kinder Surprise Eggs for Ava. She is obsessed, as many toddlers are, with watching the videos on YouTube of DC Toy Collector opening them up. She couldn't have been any cuter digging into that egg!

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