Tuesday, May 5, 2015

fun in the sun.

It is finally time for warm weather, which means lots of playing outside in our future! We pulled out the water table yesterday and stayed outside almost all day long! I pulled out the patio umbrella and we even grilled hamburgers last night. So much fun! I was able to do a little work on my newsletter for Young Living Essential Oils and even had someone call me to ask to questions and find out how they could get their Premium Starter Kit. I feel so blessed that my name is getting out there and that people know to call me. I've never been successful in these types of things, but this is coming so naturally to me, and it makes me happy!

I am doing my 3rd vendor event this coming Saturday at the Thorn Hills and Hollers Day. Lots of vendors will be set up, plus there will be food and music - and I have friends and family who will be there as well, so it will be a great day! I will be selling home made sugar scrubs, bath salts and oatmeal face masks as last minute Mother's Day gifts.

Speaking of Mother's Day... it's always a hard day for me. I'm glad that I have a lot going on this weekend to keep my mind off of things. Since my mother died when I was 3 of cancer, I've never enjoyed this day. Having Ava has made it much less depressing, but I still get a little down when I really sit and think about it. Seeing all the pictures of everyone with their mother just breaks my heart a little that my mom isn't here to share this day with me, see how I grew up and watch her granddaughter grow and thrive. I know she can see me, and is always with me, but I wish I could just sit and talk to her and hug her. I have only 2 memories of her, and I cherish those and play them over and over in my head so I won't ever forget. My best friend lost her mother in a car accident when she was 15, so I do have someone who can empathize with me. I hate that we both lost our mothers, but I'm glad to have someone to talk to who understands.

Ava had her 2.5 well visit today, and she did so much better with the Dr. than she has in the past. She did cry when the nurse came out to the lobby and when we did her height and weight, but she didn't cry at all when the Dr. came in. I was so happy! Normally she has a crying fit and nearly hyperventilates because she doesn't like people she doesn't know touching her. She was still very nervous, but there was no crying and screaming. I was actually able to talk to the Dr. instead of screaming over Ava. It was nice. She is doing a lot better with her size. She is still petite, but we have moved up to 18% in weight and 2% in height. She was very impressed with her speech and how well she spoke. She did say we are ready to see a pediatric dentist, and that frightens me, because I already anticipate her being inconsolable. We will cross that bridge when we get there.

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