Saturday, July 20, 2013

more teeth and southern living.

Ava never fails to surprise me. Just as soon as we get into a good, set routine, she wants to switch it up. We were doing great with wake up time, nap time and bed times. Once we got into it really good, she decides to try and start cutting her top teeth! lol. It never fails. So, now with the wakefulness during naptime and all of the extra boogers (does your baby produce extra boogers while teething?), we are just all over the place with wake time, nap time and bed time. She is eating a bit more now too. I don't know if that is just a growth spurt or part of the teething. I don't think she ate too much more when she cut her bottom 2 teeth. I don't feel any rough edges on the top gums yet, but I am waiting! I know they are coming soon. It's been just over a month since we saw the first bit of bottom tooth poking through.

Aside from the teething, and extra fussiness, she is thriving and doing great! She is such an adorable, happy baby. She smiles all the time and seems genuinely amused by just about everything. She loves to watch Bubble Guppies and Blues Clues. She is very curious about our dogs (one loves her, and the other couldn't care less). The only thing that seems to upset her is when random strangers want to talk to her and get down and talk to her while she is in the stroller, and very loud noises. She hates the vacuum cleaner, baby bullet and automatic hand dryers. I don't know who the genius was that decided to place the baby changing station next to the hand dryer in the public bathroom I was in yesterday, but I could have killed them. It was probably a man.

In other exciting news, I will be putting Ava into the Grainger County Tomato Festival Pageant at the end of the month (holy crap, next week to be exact). I am hesitant about it, but excited at the same time. I don't want to do them when she is older, but I think it will be fine while she is just little. I can't wait!  :)

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