Tuesday, August 20, 2013

more teeth and a getaway.

My little SugarBooger has her 2 bottom teeth in, and has 4, yes - 4 teeth coming in on top! Wow. She is growing so fast. I feel like that is all I talk about on here, but wow, she just amazes me at how fast she picks things up. I left her with my in-laws the other day while I went to the Dr. I came back and she was clapping! I had been working with her so hard trying to get her to clap for me, I leave her for 6 hours and come back to her clapping up a storm, lol. She has also discovered how to throw things. Oh that is just her favorite thing in the world. She loves to throw her paci, her monkey toy, her shape blocks and anything else she can get her little hands on. 

She is working on standing up. She does it great when holding onto my fingers, and she tries so hard to stand up in her pack n play, bless it. She gets to her knees and the cries because she gets stuck, haha. I'm trying to hold off on her standing in that for now, because we are taking it with us to the beach and I don't want her standing in it in the hotel room. Once we are back then we will work on it intensely! I still haven't removed the bassinet part yet because that is where she will be sleeping while we are at the BEACH! Yes, I said BEACH! I'm so excited. We didn't get to go last year because I was super pregnant, and Josh didn't want to take any vacation time until Ava was born. We are overdue for a vacation. Our last trip was just a weekender in Savannah, GA in April 2012. It's been a while since we have had a week of fun out of town! I'm so excited to see how Ava reacts to the sand and the water. She loves the swimming pool. I just can't wait to see how that girl acts to the waves. It's going to be so much fun :)

We are also still breastfeeding! It has been challenging lately with the teething. She only really bit me when she was getting her bottom ones in. The top ones haven't been so bad. She is still doing great with solids, but I feel like I need to add more of a variety in there. She absolutely loves food, and always tries to get into our plates when we eat. I've been doing more of a baby led weaning phase than purees lately. She seems to be getting really bored with purees. We started out meats yesterday - she loves ground beef! I need to fix some chicken for her and see how that goes too. 

Here are some pictures for an update, its been a while since I've posted any:




  1. Hi Brooke :) It's "katigox" from TB (it's been a while since I commented!). Just wanted to say I love all the pics ~ and oh my gosh how adorable is DD all dolled up for her pageant! :D

    Did she win any titles? She better have! She's too cute not to ;)

    1. Hey! Gosh I haven't been on TB in forever! I barely have time to update the blog. I miss lurking on the boards so bad!

      Thank you so much! She won 2nd runner up and she got a sweetheart award (I'm not sure what it was for?). She got a cute little crown, a silver tray and a little trophy :)