Saturday, March 22, 2014

weekend plans.

I've finally completed my first "day in the life" video for my YouTube Channel. I'm currently editing it, and it should be posted hopefully this weekend. I've just started using Windows Movie Maker to try and edit my videos, so we will see how it goes. This first one is basically just a random day where I've videoed different things throughout the day, highlighting what we are doing/have done, and a lot of rambling by me. So, yay for my new vlogging venture! I just laid Ava down for a nap, and after she wakes up, we are heading to Pigeon Forge to eat at Little Tokyo for my MILs birthday. She loves hibachi, and I'm pretty excited about some sushi. I haven't had it in a while! Ava eats pretty well when we have Japanese food, so I'm sure she will be eating lots of rice and veggies tonight. Hopefully we can find some other things to do while we are there. I heard there is a Corvette show there this weekend, so I hope we don't run into any traffic. Tomorrow, we are going to look at lawn mowers and patio furniture. Spring has sprung here in TN, and I'm really excited about it! Since Ava is on the verge of finally walking, we are going to have a blast this summer. I plan on buying her a water table at a consignment sale next week (if I get lucky and find one), so we are going to have that on our back deck, along with some new patio furniture (I hope). I forsee lots of nights spent on the deck playing and eating dinner. I'm going to have to invest in more Tiki Torches as well. The ones we have had since we bought the house are very weathered and need replacing in a bad way. I'm so excited about this spring/summer with my husband and baby girl! ....not looking forward to the allergies though! I've been sick all week with stuffy nose and store throat. No fun!

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