Wednesday, June 4, 2014

almost summer.

I've taken another hiatus from blogging/YouTubing, as you can tell. Things are just taking a lot longer to get back to normal for me.

Aside from everything traumatic I've gone through lately, Summer is quickly approaching, and I'm so excited that Ava and I will be going to Dolly's Splash Country a lot because I got a season pass this year (finally). My mother in law got Ava the cutest water table and we have been staying outside on sunny days really enjoying spending time together. Not to mention the sun/water wears her out good which makes for a nice long nap. This mama has been able to keep up with the housework better because of that! lol

I've also started listing some items we never use on eBay for some extra income. Things are getting a little tight around here, but it will get better. Everyone has a few little rough patches, right? My extra spending on a couple of bags this month probably hasn't helped, but I did sell one to compensate for what I spent.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the Dr. on my bloodwork. I had 14 vials drawn 2 weeks ago. I am supposed to call back Friday to see if they are back. Hopefully its nothing too bad, if they find any reason at all. Please say a prayer for me and my little family. I certainly could use them right now!

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  1. Keeping you in my T&Ps. I hope you hear back soon about your blood work and get good results.